My name is Eliran and I'm a London, UK and Athens, Greece based freelance Audio Producer. I do sound for films, animations, games, electronic music and location sound. 

Whether your project requires some sound work or you just have a soft spot for audio, shoot me an email, I'd love to hear from you.

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Animation: The Lost Buoy - Best Sound - Buffer Festival 2022
Short Film: CHAIN - Best Sound - Independent Horror Movie Awards 2018

Short Film: CHAIN - Best Sound Design - Silver Award - Queens Palm Festival 2019

Worked with

National Theatre, TEDxLondon, Abbey Road Studios, Amazon Prime, Hatsumi VR, Nuffield Health, The Communication Store, Opsive, Rural Media, EQ Films, Stories Like Us, University Of Westminster, MET Film School, Trailblazers Films, Focus Frame Productions, Forest Fringe, Anamon Studios, Jack and Dean, The Doorstep Library, FeverUp, Sexplain, Jesse Cowan, Devin Supertramp, ClientEarth, That Lot, Zach King, AlphaGrid, Sketchie, Papaya Films, A Collected Man and many more.... 

Main Location Sound Kit

Recorder: Zoom F8n, Shotgun: DPA 4017B, Sennheiser MKH 50,  Radio Mics: Sennheiser G4 EW100, Lavs: DPA 6060, 4061, Sanken Cos-11, Timecode: Tentacle Sync, Mounts and Windshields: Cinela